5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

24 November 2015 by IPVS Bali

If you’re trying to decide if a destination wedding is the right choice for you and your finance, this list might just win you over! From saving money on the honeymoon to cutting back the guest list, you’ll realize just how easy having a destination wedding is.


1. Doubles As A Honeymoon

Running off to another country and sharing your love with your closest friends and family is just the beginning of your marital bliss. When planning your destination wedding, it’s fun to pick a place that can also double as your honeymoon. Easily saving you money and travel time, you can start your honeymoon just as soon as you say ‘I do”

2. It’s Easier

With many destination weddings, you can rely on in-house wedding coordinators that partner with the resort that you choose to stay with. Since they know the lay of the land and have experience with your specific venue, many of your details can be handled via phone or email from the comfort of your home. Every little detail you can delegate means less stress for you.

3. Save on Wedding Décor

Choosing to get married in another country can prove to be one of the most magical experiences because of the natural beauty in that area alone. Lucky for you, this means you can save on wedding décor items by soaking up all the natural beauty that your venue has to offer. Just think of how gorgeous your wedding photos will be.

4. Doubles As Vacation For Guests

Chances are, your guest list won’t be as full versus if you were to have a wedding in your hometown. This is good news for you since you’ll have fewer mouths to feed, cutting down your catering bill. For the lucky guests that do decided to make the trek out to your destination wedding, they’ll not only be able to share in your wedding day celebrations, but they can make their own vacation out of the trip too by arriving a little earlier.

5. Enjoy Quality Time With Friends And Family

If you coordinate with your best friends and close family to arrive a week or so before your wedding, you too can enjoy a pre-wedding vacation. Taking this time to enjoy some quality time with the special people in your life is an awesome way to reconnect and create incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Now that we’ve given you five more reasons to have a destination wedding, are you ready to start planning your magical day? The Villas Bali Hotel and Spa is the perfect  venue for a destination Wedding.

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