5 Ways To Beat Pre-Wedding Stress With The Help Of Your Bridesmaids

27 May 2015 by IPVS Bali

Planning a wedding is no easy feat! While being a bride is one of the most amazing times in your life, you have to keep in mind that dealing with so many details can easily be overwhelming. Keep wedding stress at by and utilize your bridal party’s willingness to help! Here are five ways to beat the stress of planning your big day:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Hand Out Tasks


When you asked your friends to be apart of your bridal party, you did it because you know they are the girls you can count on to help you get things done. As the bride, you may want your hands in every detail, but don’t be afraid to hand out tasks to your maids – that’s what they’re there for!

2. Take Time For Just The Girls


The girls from Sex and The City knew how to pamper themselves when feeling stressed – take a hint and create a little getaway for yourself. With a Hens Party Getaway villa and spa package you’ll feel the stress melt away and your sanity will come rushing back in no time!

3. Throw A Pajama Party


While you’re on your girls getaway, make the most of it! Invite your maids to a fun PJ party in your room. A little champagne, chocolate, and late night gossip never hurt nobody! Have fun!

4. Plan Ahead So You Don’t Get Stuck In The Love Bubble


Marriage can change things for a friendship circle and you might find yourself in a ‘love bubble’ with your new husband for a while. Yes, the honeymooning period is important, but don’t let your friendships fall by the way side. Before things get started, schedule regular catch-ups with your girlfriends for lunch or coffee dates.

5. Take In All The Little Moments


Don’t get caught up in every detail of the wedding that you can’t still see the big picture! Remember you’re in it for the long haul because you made the happiest choice of your life! Appreciate the process and don’t let the stress get you down!

At The Villas Bali Hotel & Spa we know how to help you plan the perfect party! Let us help relieve your pre-wedding stress by creating a fun weekend getaway for you and the girls – it’ll be a trip to remember!

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