How To Create The Perfect Bali Honeymoon at The Villas Bali Hotel and Spa

31 August 2015 by IPVS Bali


As newlyweds, there’s nothing you crave more than to just bask in your new married life and love. Getting away from your everyday life is so important. Building your foundation for your marriage in such a beautiful place like Bali means that you’ll create some pretty incredible memories! Here’s how you can create the perfect honeymoon at The Villas Bali:

Stay In The Most Romantic of Villas


If you crave a hidden oasis where you and your love can kick back and enjoy the moments of your new married life, then you’ve got to have a look at our villas. A one-bedroom villa is perfect for honeymooners – with your own private swimming pool surrounded by a tropical gardens, you’ll feel like you’re honeymooning in the Garden of Eden. Complete with a full kitchen, dining area, and oversized king bed. This is the perfect oasis for our Exotic Honeymoon Bliss package.

Plan a Couples Spa Day


After months of planning your wedding, there’s bound to be a bit of built up stress in your body. Take some time for yourselves and book a couple’s spa day. With one of the largest spas on the island, Prana Spa offers a wide variety of services that will ensure your stress just melts away. For the ultimate love bubble experience book the Private Suite where your body will be pampered and attended to like royalty using only the finest in luxuries such as 24 Karat Gold and Genuine Pearl Powder.

Love is intoxicating at The Villas so why not allow yourselves some extra time to enjoy the romance and privacy at this special time. Add an extra two days and allow us to treat you to the ultimate relaxation by choosing to book our signature Ultimate Honeymoon Bliss Package that includes luxurious perks that’ll make your stay even more magical!

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