How To Make The Most Of Your Honeymoon

17 December 2015 by IPVS Bali


After your beautiful wedding day has come to a conclusion, it’s time to escape and enjoy a honeymoon retreat together. No matter what destination you choose, these three tips will help you to make the most out of this special time you have together:

Go Tech Free

No matter your honeymoon destination, deciding to leave your phone on silent or even off all together is a great way to keep you focused on the beautiful moments you have together. Consider turning off social media notifications and make a pact that neither of you will get caught up with the everyday email checking, texting others, and taking phone calls. If you must check in with reality outside your honeymoon, set aside a small time where you both can check on things and then get back to having adventures!

Have Flexible Plans

Whether you’re the kind of couple that loves to preplan or just likes to wing it, be flexible with your new spouse on how you set up your honeymoon activities. Talking about what you’d like to do ahead of time is a great idea if your plans include schedulable items like tours or dinner reservations. But remember, your honeymoon should be casual and fun, so don’t be afraid of just going with the flow and trying out new activities as time allows.

Be Open To Adventures

Perhaps in your daily lives, you’re not always the adventurous type, but on your honeymoon it’s a great time to be open to new adventures together. Take this time to discover new places, try a new activity, and get active with your new spouse! If you don’t take a chance to try something new together, you may end up missing out of the happiest of moments together. Be open to adventures and enjoy your newfound marital bliss

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